A one-day trial session

A one-day trial session is a one-day class where you can actually feel the atmosphere of the classroom, your compatibility with the teacher, and the content in advance.

You can also get a feel for what natural fragrances smell like, and get a little taste of real incense (*^^*)

Of course, people who just want a trial session are also welcome!

For those who have taken other courses, this course is a course where you can pinpoint and relearn blending techniques, and you can always brush up and deepen your knowledge.

The tuition fee will also change accordingly.

For example,

a blend that suits your mood

for the season


as a talisman

for exorcising evil spirits


as a gift for someone special
or as such,

you will choose a theme and blend your own scent to get close to your favorite scent.

Of course, you can take the finished “incense” home with you!

Children from elementary school age and above can enjoy it with their parents and children, as a family, or by inviting friends.

Please feel free to contact us(*^^*)