In Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Fuji Focused on “natural materials” and “people” “Forest-scented incense class.”

My grandmother and mother were struggled mentally.
Even though I was having a hard time, I was comforted by the scent of incense.

I will pass on that feeling to my children and grandchildren. Based on a strong belief that we want to spin, I am devoting myself to the path of incense every day. upbringing and family

・Born in 1970 in Nerima, Tokyo Type A Aquarius
・Teens to late 20s, Spending time in America (Ohio/Florida) In the incense class, You can take the course in either English or Japanese.
・1980~ Learned about incense from my grandmother and mother Memories of being strict about behavior and etiquette Maybe it’s a reaction to that, but now she has a shaky personality!
・1998~ Addicted to the scent of incense
・From 2018, she started working as a counselor and incense therapist.
・From 2021: Obtain the qualification of incense mixer
・2021~ Independence Events, marche, and incense classes start With the thoughts of my grandmother and mother, Active as Aikoan “Kayo Moriki”
・Start preparations for opening in earnest from 2024
・Scheduled to open from 2025 I will open my business under my real name “Chiharu Iwasaki”

▶2023 25th wedding anniversary My husband is a unique person who shares joys and sorrows with me↓ from childhood I can’t feel happy no matter what I do, She is the youngest of three siblings. her solid and serious parents; Living with her two older brothers and a dog.  

I can do whatever I wants!
I was strong-willed and competitive, and hates doing the same things as other people.
The type who pursues things until they are completely satisfied.

Encounter with incense The incense smoke that wafts through the space will soothe you, so be sure to add real incense to your daily life!

Childhood trauma When I was young enough to remember, whenever I went to my girlfriend’s maternal home, I felt something strange about my grandmother and mother…

Discovered incense at the age of 10 I was soothed by the sight of my grandmother and mother listening to incense every day, and the scent of incense naturally became a part of their daily lives.  

I will never forget the feeling of being healed, relieved, and calm.   

The power of incense is an invisible world without words.
I feel like the smoke from the incense protects me and creates a barrier.
As I entered my 30s and 40s, I completely forgot about incense, and I was so busy raising my children that I didn’t even remember it.

I was always unstable and mentally in shambles, and before I knew it, I was thinking about my husband and wife, my parents and children, my family, and myself.

In my late 40s, I was reunited with incense again! Incense is an important time to prepare yourself, a treasured time that is unique to you and allows you to get back on track.

For women in their 40s and 50s The scent of incense gives you a sense of calmness.  

There is no immediate effect and the effect will not be seen immediately.  
By listening to the scent of incense little by little in your daily life It calms your mind and body.
If you are giving up because you cannot have dreams or hopes for the future.
I want you to feel better with natural incense, I want you to heal the hardships of life and the trauma of your childhood.
The scent of natural incense is Feeling calm in mind and body I think you can experience it. too delicate People who have a strong personality and are not good at interpersonal relationships People who have had difficulty living since childhood and are unstable not fun People who don’t feel happy People who don’t have confidence in themselves and can’t like themselves We recommend incense to such people.

Family I received a lot of insights from husband and wife. Now I’m grateful Dogs are protection dogs for generations Our family is a sensitive family. Natural incense is always watching over you. We are a family full of personality! !

My eldest son has a lot of life experience. Soothed by the scent of wood I’m currently training to become a woodworker!

My eldest daughter is a female college student who loves sports! Youth is in full swing! She love nature, animals, and plants!

Protection for generations!
Any dog will be happy and transformed when they come to our house!